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Can Sea Moss Help You Get Pregnant?

Infertility is common. In fact, in the United States, about 12 percent of women ages 15 to 44 have trouble getting or staying pregnant. This isn’t a one-sided concern: In more than one-third of male-female couples, both partners have factors that contribute to difficulty having a biological child. Looking at this data, it makes sense that infertility is a […]

Does Sea Moss Have Health Benefits? Here’s What a Nutritionist Says

Seaweed has long been touted as a superfood, and now sea moss, sometimes called Irish sea moss or Irish moss, has entered the wellness lexicon. Proponents have claimed that sea moss does everything from boost immunity and soothe digestion to strengthen joints and improve skin health. So does sea moss actually live up to the […]

Sea Moss: Benefits, Nutrition, and How to Prepare It

Sea moss is a spiny sea vegetable that’s primarily harvested for use in health supplements and as a thickening ingredient in commercial foods. If you’ve heard about sea moss supplements, you may wonder how you could use them and whether there are other ways to consume sea moss. This article examines the potential benefits and […]